Thursday, June 26, 2008

Obama's disappointing decision disagreement

Obama says he disagrees with the Supreme Court decision to ban the use of the death penalty in child rape cases. This is really a disappointment. This decision by the Supreme Court took an important stand atop a slippery slope. For almost half a century, the death penalty has been used in this country only in cases where a person was killed. Although I disagree with the death penalty entirely, the position of the punishment fitting the crime makes some degree of sense. There was a time in this country where stealing a horse was a capital crime, and by taking this stance, the Supreme Court stopped us from sliding backwards into a coarser, crueler, less civilized society.

I see three possibilities for Obama's stated stance on this issue:
1. He truly believes the death penalty is justified in these cases.
2. He is taking the safe road to avoid being portrayed as weak on crime.
3. He believes in state's rights in matters of life and death.

Option one seems awfully un-Christian and damages Obama in my eyes. Option two is upsetting, but somewhat understandable. Option three is just loony.

I'm hoping it's option two, but we probably won't know the truth anytime soon.


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