Saturday, April 14, 2007

What are they doing?

I've been watching Dana Perino give the White House press briefing in Tony Snow's absence. It seems like they replaced a pit bull with a cheerleader. I don't mean that in a sexist way. Have you seen her? She plays with her hair and makes little "aw shucks" faces and generally bumbles through admitting the mistakes of this White House. Why on Earth would the powers that be in the administration (notice I did not say "The President") pick someone so incompetent to give these briefings? I think I know why. I think they are trying to look bumbling and cute. Did you see Karl Rove as "MC Rove?" And hasn't the President been playfully self-efacing in speeches recently? This is a 180 degree change from the arrogant air of infallibility that this administration has been projecting up to this point. So why would anyone want to appear incompetent? The answer is simple: it's a pathetic attempt to cover up their maliciousness. When you're busted for being evil, and you know it, why not try for bumbling, right? We all cut a little more slack to the slow kid in the class.


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