Monday, August 22, 2005

Here is my dad relaxing where the fireplace once was. The French doors replaced a sliding door that did not have a wide enough opening for Mildred to fit through in her wheelchair. More pics are here.

We had Garvin and Kline move the sliding door from the back to replace a window in our bedroom. This should make letting the dogs out at 6AM a little easier. We plan to move the fence forward so this will open into our back yard instead of the front. We plan to put in a little deck here eventually.

Here is a view of the new door from the outside.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Here is the fireplace that we would have never used.

Demolition Party

Some people have painting parties. That's all fine and good, but we decided to kick it up a notch. Kelly and I are doing some renovations to the new place, and the wall between the kitchen and the living room had to go. So did the fireplace.

This is the doorway into the kitchen.

Here is the kitchen wall from the other side.

This wall is even more gone than it was when this picture was taken. We're going to have the countertop extend a few inches into the room to make a serving area/low bar. We are planning to poor our own countertops to replace the butcher block stuff that is there now.

The fireplace is coming out too. You don't get many opportunities to use an axe indoors. It was a lot of fun.